Struble Lake Ice Rescue
By Firefighter/EMT Christopher Eno
January 15, 2018

At 1:05 PM on Monday, January 15, Chester County 911 dispatched units to the Struble Lake Recreation Area on Morgantown Road in Honey Brook Township for a Water Rescue.

911 advised the responding units that a subject fell through the ice, but was now out of the water and on top of the ice. Several subjects were reported to be on the ice trying to rescue the man that fell through the ice.

EMS officers from Station 89 arrived first on the scene and confirmed multiple subjects on the ice.

It was determined that there were over a dozen persons on the ice, either involved in the rescue, or just ice fishing.

The subject that had fallen through the ice was brought to shore by the bystanders and was evaluated by EMS. Fortunately, he was not injured; just in need of dry clothes and some warmth.

All subjects were removed from the ice, as the ice was not only cracking in many spots, but also outright melting in other spots.

When everyone was removed from the ice, Boat 35 launched to try and recover the vessel that the man had fallen from. Boat 39-1 launched in support, in case 35 needed assistance. Unfortunately, the overturned vessel was not able to be recovered by crews and was abandoned for the time being.

With all civilians and first responders clear of the ice, the scene was turned over to the Chester County Park Rangers, and all Fire & EMS units cleared the scene.

Units: Engine 33-1, Rescue 33, Squad 33, Chief 33
Mutual Aid: Elverson-Honey Brook Area EMS, Wagontown Fire Company, Garden Spot Fire Rescue, Brandywine Hospital ALS, Westwood EMS, PA State Police, Chester County Park Rangers