Chimney Fire-800 Park Rd - HB Twp cross streets -Cambridge Rd and Beaver Dam Rd
By Past Fire Chief Allen Beiler
March 6, 2019

Dispatch at 15:19 hrs
Engine 33-1 on the scene, with a crew of six, six minutes from dispatch. Engine/ Tanker 33-5 followed quickly with a crew of six, supplemented immediately by Rescue 33 with a crew of eight. Squad 33 brought up the rear with a light crew of three. Fire Police 33 maintained traffic flow out on Park Road.
Ladder 49 and a Engine 49 responded from a East Brandywine Fire mutual aid.
This was a stubborn chimney Fire with a clogged chimney flue. Crews eventually broke through the buildup of creosote. This call required over two hours to wrap up.
Command set up by Lieut Melvin Stoltzfus & Lieut Ike Fisher taken over by Asst Chief Gary Ream upon his arrival.

Units: 33-1, 33-5, Rescue 33, Squad 33, Fire Police 33
Mutual Aid: Ladder49, Engine 49-2