Accident on Rt 322
By Past Fire Chief Allen Beiler
July 29, 2019

Honey Brook Fire & Elverson- Honey Brook & White Horse EMS responded to an accident involving a horse and buggy and a small box truck at 14:58 hrs yesterday at Rt 322 and Lanchester Rd (Honey Brook Twp). Two people were transported to Reading Hospital.


Scott July 29, 2019 at 3:02 PM
Before anyone puts stupid, smartass comments on here like they did on Facebook. Remember!!! If you weren’t there and seen exactly what happened, DON’T SPECULATE!! I was there, I seen it first hand!! I was reading guy behind the box truck! It was completely nonpreventable and unpredictable! For some unknown reason, the horse cut across the road directly in the path of the box truck. There was nothing the truck could do to avoid the buggy. A horse has its own mind and it can not be predicted! Now for those of you that are in your controlled comfort zone while reading this wanna say “well, why didn’t the driver do this or that” or “i woulda done this or that”, it’s always easy to say that now because you can actually think about what you “THINK” you coulda done. But the reality is, you never know how you’ll react when you don’t have time to think, only react. Thoughts and prayers to ALL involved including the horse. The horse had some cuts, road rash and I’m sure deep bruises but it was able to get back on all 4 legs and was walked off the scene to a nearby barn.