Company Receives New Rescue Systems
By Honey Brook Fire Company #1
April 30, 2013

This past week saw the closing of two projects that have been on going for the past 18 months. Back early 2012 the Honey Brook Fire Company was notified it had received approval for an Assistance to Firefighters Grant for the replacement of our Hydraulic Rescue Equipment. After many months of comparison with different manufacturers we are pleased to announce the purchase of a complete Hydraulic Rescue System from Holmatro, Inc. These rescue tools are used to extricate patients from cars and machinery by spreading, cutting or lifting the material, such as a car door. The Honey Brook Fire Company uses these systems 5-10 times a year on average to help extricate trapped subjects from car involved in a crash.

The Honey Brook Fire Company had been using Hurst hydraulic rescue systems such as the "Jaws of Life" since the mid 1980's when the Brandywine Manor Rescue Squad became defunct. In 2005, when the Morgantown Fire Company replaced their Hurst Rescue Systems, we purchased their rescue systems as well as their air lifting bags to increase our capabilities at vehicle rescues. Most of the system we employed were purchased by their respective agencies (Brandywine Manor & Morgantown) in 1980's & 1992. After reaching their 20 year service life, it was decided they needed to be replaced for safety reasons and to keep up with new car technologies.

In January of 2013 the Grant Committee and Line Officers recommended to the Company to purchase an all new Hydraulic Rescue System from Holmatro, Inc. For a price of $95, 107, which $63,350 were paid by federal grants. The Honey Brook Fire Company also replaced the airbag lifting systems with a 19-Ton lifting package system by Holmatro, Inc.

On April 30th, ESI Equipment, Inc. arrived with all of the equipment and the new mounting hardware for the equipment. Members spent part of the day Monday removing the old rescue systems, mounts from the truck and cleaning the compartments for the new installation.

The new equipment consists of:
3 - DPU31 DUO Pump
2 - SP10C - Single Pump
1 - 4240 Spreader - 27"
2 - 4150 Combination Tool
1 - 4050NCT Cutter - 9" - (New Car Technology)
1 - 4020 Cutter - 5"
1 - CU 4007Mini-Cutter
2 - 4332 Ram - 65"
2 - 4350 Telescopic Ram - 50"
2 - 4340 Telescopic Ram - 24"
2 - CORE Hydraulic Hose - 16 foot
5 - CORE Hydraulic Hose - 32 foot
1 - HRS Ram Support

Training for the new equipment has already begun and practical hands on time for members will conclude with a full 8 hour class by ESI instructors in June.

Stay tuned for additional pictures and information on the remaining changes coming to Rescue 33.

Units: Rescue 33; Engine 33-1