Fire Prevention and Tour
By Past Fire Chief Allen Beiler
October 12, 2019

Yesterday, to conclude Fire Prevention Week, the Early Learning Center staff and children visited the Honey Brook fire station. Firefighters D. Hagenbuch, B. Walton, D. Patterson and A. Beiler along with Asst. Chief Gary Ream Jr. Helped the kids learn about our station, watch a firefighter gear up and don an airpack, and learned about fire trucks and the equipment it carries. At the end of the visit they presented the firehouse with a signed drawing. They all received a bag of goodies including coloring book, crayons, trading cards with fire trucks and EMS ambulances, fire ext operation guides, tot finder and dog finder decals, and a plastic fire helmet.


Alicia Ford November 03, 2019 at 3:57 PM
Thank you for keeping us safe and teaching our kids about what you do! -HBELC