2020 Reorganizational Meeting
By Past Fire Chief Allen Beiler
January 12, 2020

Friday-January 3rd at 6 pm was the reorganizational meeting of the Honey Brook Fire Company No. 1. A delicious meal was served to members and guests.
Judge Michael Cabry swore in the following:
2020 Administrative Officers
President- Reuben Stoltzfus
Vice President-Amos King
Secretary-Merv Reihl
Treasurer-Al Beiler
Trustee-Daniel Stoltzfus Jr.
Trustee-Nate Romig
Trustee-Aaron E. King Jr.
Relief Secretary-Don Kline
Relief Treasurer-Ryan Plank
Membership Secretary-Dennis Hagenbuch

2020 Line Officers
Chief-Jake Bailey
Deputy Chief-Steven Kern
Asst Chief-Gary Ream Jr.
Captain A-Aaron S. King
Captain B-Ike Fisher
Lieut. A-Melvin Stoltzfus
Lieut. B-Nate Romig
Safety Officer-Chris Ott
Chief Engineer-Ken Jackson Jr.
Asst Chief Eng-Barry Messner Jr
Fire Police Captain-Bill Ford
Fire Police Lieut.-Rick Faulkner

Fire Police
Art Pecht
Dave Herb
Mike Faulkner
Kyle Shingle
Al Beiler
Ben Walton
Les Baxter
Dennis Hagenbuch

The following awards were presented:
Firefighter of the year-
Merv Reihl

Junior Firefighter of the year
Hailey Hagenbuch