Mask Donation
By HBFC #1
April 14, 2020

Today we here at the Honey Brook Fire Company accepted a gift of 48 cloth mask, hand crafted and donated by a supportive Honey Brook Borough resident Sandra Barrage. Mrs. Barrage whom has family roots deep within the community, recently reached out to the companies officers inquiring a roster count. She took it upon herself to hand craft masks not only for the Honey Brook Fire Company but also Elverson/Honey Brook EMS & the Honey Brook Police Department for totaling numbers of 64 mask. When asked why such a kind gesture, Mrs. Barrage simply stated “I just want all our communities first responders to remain safe while selflessly risking their health for us during these uncertain times” It’s with great appreciation we accept Mrs. Barrages heartfelt support and donation. These general purpose face mask will equip each active member and aid them in safety precautions as we resume our frontline service during the Covid-19 pandemic. It truly is amazing how we as a small town can come together in a time of need. On behalf of Honey Brooks first responders, Mrs.Sandra Barrage, Thank You!