Water Rescue Drills
By Honey Brook Fire Company
February 25, 2022

HBFC members spent this weeks drill night in the water sharpening their skills and training for a fast approaching water rescue technician certification class. As some may know over the past 18 months the company has purchased a rescue boat and all the equipment to build a dependable water rescue team to best serve our community along with any others in need. The company is proud to say that we have 10 very motivated crew members attending this technician level training and upon completion, added to the current water techs now. The company will have reached our technician level staffing goal to officially put Boat 33 in-service.

The Honey Brook Fire Company would like to recognize Tel Hai Retirement Community for their continued support. The staff at the retirement facility never hesitate in allowing us access to the amazing pool for training needs and as a result of this, helps produce very skilled and confident rescue personnel. Thank you Tel Hai Management and staff.